SNCC's High Performance Dragon Boat Crew


Q: Why should I join the SNCC Warlocks? What will I get out of it?
A. We have a great team focused on fitness, training and being highly competitive. Working hard and challenging ourselves and each other to strive to be the best we can be.

Q: I am not sure I can keep up?
A: We all need to start somewhere. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will see results. You will have teammates that will cheer you on and help you to succeed, both on and off the water.

Q: What equipment is required?
A:  Paddlers are required to have a paddle, and an approved life jacket.  The SNCC Club has loaner equipment that can be used but most paddlers eventually prefer to purchase their own.

Q: Level of Commitment that is expected?
A: You will need a high level of commitment in your training, so that the team remains competitive. During the spring/summer race season, you are expected to attend as many practices as possible.  These occur 3 days per week. We do understand that work and family take a priority, but we ask that you try to attend as many as possible.

Q: Can I only train and not race? What if I can’t commit fully this year?
A: The Coach will address each request separately but the team is focused on racing and spots will normally go to those persons who share the same desire, 

Q: Is there a minimum amount of races guaranteed for everybody? How does the roster get set for races?
A: All race rosters are set by the Coach at his discretion, with the objective of having the best crew paddle in each race. Attendance at practices, fitness level and commitment to the program and will all be taken into consideration when selecting the race crews.


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