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Recreational Dragon Boat

South Niagara Canoe Club has two dragon boat programs to choose from Recreational or Competitive   

Our recreational program is ideal for family, friends and individual athletes alike.    We focus on  camaraderie, fun and fitness.    For those that want to compete in community and club crew events, we enter 2 or 3 festivals a year.    Racing is always optional.    Whether you are a beginner paddler or a high performance paddler, if recreation is your goal, this is the program for you.    If you want to step it up, we have a competitive dragon boat crew.   Click here to register for The Warlocks Competitive Dragon Boat Crew

If you are unsure what program is best for you, please read our program descriptors here or email and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

  • Hope Floats Breast Cancer Survivor Crew  
 This crew is for breast cancer survivors of all ages and abilities.  To join, please register for Recreational or High Performance Dragon Boat and click Yes when asked if you would like to be a part of our Hope Floats BCS Crew.  
     - Please email for specifics related to when you can safely join post treatment.  

Recreational Dragon boat - 2020 On Water Season 

This program is designed for adults of all ages and abilities.   We focus on paddling technique, fun and fitness in the boat. 

We make every attempt to meet our members scheduling needs within recreational dragon boat.   We offer 6 packages for your convenience.   

The full program, 40 practices :  $150.00  - prorated as of July 1st upon request contact

The full program is the best bang for your buck.  In addition, all full program registrants are welcome to drop in on Saturday morning rec or high performance practices free of charge.   

Spring Session May/June :  $70.00

Summer Session July/August -mid Sept :  $80.00

Autumn Session:  $20.00

Half of the program up to 20 sessions:  $85.00*

8 sessions at a time:  $40.00*

Drop in fees for additional practices:  $5.00 to be paid at practice.

Boats come out of the water October 17th 2020

*Packages of 20 or 8 can be used Mondays and/or Wednesdays to suit your schedule.

You have the option of registering for multiple packages, multiple times.    Please contact the Vice Commodore Dragon boat if you have special circumstances that cannot be met with the above programming.

This program will enter a minimum of 2 festivals, Welland Dragon Boat Festival, June 8th, 2019 & Stratford Dragon Boat Festival, September 14, 2019.

Races are optional, and racing fees are extra.  

 Note: there are 40 sessions, 20 Mondays & 20 Wednesdays.   There are no practices on holidays.

Recreational Dragon Boat - Saturday Mornings 

All registrants of recreational dragon boat program may attend this  upstart program for free.   You can register for the full program above.   All others will be asked to pay a $5.00 drop in fee including hst.    There is one boat for this program, so seats are limited.  We need at least 10 people to run the program.   Attendance must be confirmed every week.    Register for this program, and your name will be added to the distribution list. 

This is a one hour session with coach Evan Landry.    

For more information please email the Vice Commodore Dragon Boat @

Upcoming events

    • 07 Dec 2019
    • 28 Mar 2020
    • 17 sessions
    • WIFC

    There will be a cap for this program. Once the cap has been reached, if you are still interested in participating in this program, please email Steve Levkoe at for more information. 

    • 03 Jan 2020
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
    • WIFC

    Friday January 3rd 2020   6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

    Please invite your family and friends to join us. 

    Come on down to the Welland International Flatwater Centre for a free introduction to indoor dragon boat.      Coaches Sally Rennick and Evan Landry. 

    Our indoor dragon boat program takes place Mondays and Wednesdays beginning Monday January 6th through Monday March 30th.   Each sessions is 45 minutes of circuit training in the gym and 45 minutes in tank.

    It is the perfect time to work on your fitness, learn the dragon boat stroke and work on your technique in preparation for the on water season.

    Register for Winter Indoor Dragon Boat Mondays and/or Wednesdays with Sally & Evan  here.



    • 06 Jan 2020
    • 30 Mar 2020
    • 24 sessions
    • WIFC
    • 39

    Interested, but not sure?  Come on out for our free introduction to Indoor Dragon Boat on Friday January 3rd, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.     Bring a friend!

     Register here for the January 3rd Intro session.

    Winter Recreational Dragon Boat

    This program is focused on fitness, stroke development and techniques, and fun.    Please register here for Canal Dragons Mixed Dragon Boat Crew including Hope Floats Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Crew.  

    90 minute sessions include 45 minutes in the tank and 45 minutes in the gym

    This is an excellent program to build on your strength, fitness  and technique through the winter to prepare for the on-water season.     

    Beginners will get a jump on learning a new sport during off season, as well as increase strength and fitness.   

    We have attempted to work out a program that fits into everyone's schedule,   We at South Niagara Canoe Club are dedicated to making our recreational programs available to everyone.    If you have special circumstances that make it impossible for you to fit into any of our packages, please contact the Vice Commodore Dragon Boat at and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    We offer one free Drop In for non-members, after which Drop In fees are  $20.00 including hst for non-members, $15.00 including hst for members that do not purchase a package, please pay drop in fees when you attend, and email us at the above address to let us know you are coming.


    • 29 Aug 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    • Welland International Flatwater Centre

     Saturday August 29th 2020 


    • 29 Aug 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
    • Welland International Flatwater Centre

     Saturday August 29th 2020 

    Add your name to the list of individuals that would like to participate in the Hope Floats Challenge and would like to join a composite crew.

    NOTE!! Registering here does not register you for the Hope Floats Challenge.  Registration will take place separately.


Past events

05 Nov 2019 Hope Floats Meeting
02 Nov 2019 Hope Floats Semi-annual Clothing Drive
01 Nov 2019 Awards Ceremony 2019
28 Oct 2019 Hope Floats Meet & Greet - Kilt N Clover
19 Oct 2019 Recreational Saturday Morning On water
20 Sep 2019 Hope Floats - Wellness Session Wellspring
20 Sep 2019 Hope Floats - Wellness Sessions - NHS
14 Sep 2019 Canal Dragons & Hope Floats -Stratford Dragon Boat Festival
02 Aug 2019 Raffle Sales & Club Promotion - Canal Days
20 Jul 2019 Raffle Sales - Pelham Summerfest
18 Jul 2019 DBC Championships
14 Jul 2019 WIFC Stipends Event -RO Masters Provincial Championships
07 Jul 2019 Raffle Sales - Welland Float Fest
06 Jul 2019 WIFC Stipends Event - CORA Rowing Regatta 2019
01 Jul 2019 WIFC Stipends Event - Dominion Day Regatta
01 Jul 2019 Dominion Day Regatta
23 Jun 2019 Hope Floats BCS Crew Clinic 1
22 Jun 2019 Raffle Sales - Welland Rose Festival
15 Jun 2019 Raffle Sales - Family FunFest Bissell's Hideaway
09 Jun 2019 Hope Floats - partial crew London Fanshawe Dragon Boat Festival
08 Jun 2019 Canal Dragons & Hope Floats -Welland Dragon Boat Festival
01 Jun 2019 Recreational Dragon Boat - Saturday mornings On Water Session 2019
26 May 2019 WIFC Stipends Event - RO Small Boat Trials
08 May 2019 Hope Floats Meet & Greet
07 May 2019 Warlocks - Spring/Summer/Fall 2019
01 May 2019 Recreational Dragon Boat - On Water Session 2019
10 Apr 2019 Hope Floats Meet & Greet
03 Apr 2019 Qigong
29 Mar 2019 Brock - 3P13 Kinesiology Dragon Boat Paddle Tank
02 Jan 2019 Recreational Dragon Boat Winter Training 2019
02 Jan 2019 Indoor Dragon Boat - free session mixed - January 2nd
02 Jan 2019 Indoor Dragon Boat - free session BCS - January 2nd
24 Nov 2018 10th Anniversary Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
12 Nov 2018 Recreational Dragon Boat Paddle Clinic Video Review
03 Nov 2018 Warlocks Winter Training 2018/2019
01 Nov 2018 Awards Ceremony & Potluck Dinner 2018
10 Oct 2018 Dragon Boat Night Paddle
26 Sep 2018 Recreational Dragon Boat - Autumn Drop In session 2
19 Sep 2018 Recreational Dragon Boat - Autumn Drop In session 1
15 Sep 2018 Stratford Dragon Boat Festival
15 Sep 2018 Stratford DB Festival
08 Sep 2018 GWN Dragon Boat Challenge
11 Aug 2018 Woodstock Dragon Boat Festival
30 Jul 2018 Club Moves to Community Boathouse for 1 week
17 Jul 2018 IDBF Club Crew World Championships
07 Jul 2018 Hamilton Dragon Boat Festival
05 Jul 2018 IBCPC
04 Jul 2018 Recreational Dragon Boat - Summer Session
15 Jun 2018 Club Moves to Community Boathouse for 1 week June 15
13 Jun 2018 Dragon Boat Naming Ceremony
09 Jun 2018 Welland Dragon Boat Festival
12 May 2018 Learn to Steer a Dragon Boat
02 May 2018 3 for Free Dragon Boat Sessions
01 May 2018 Warlocks - Spring/Summer/Fall 2018
11 Nov 2017 Warlocks - Winter Training 2017-18

Member Programs  

SNCC is a club and to participate in any of our on-water member programs you must have an annual membership.  The annual membership fee for the 2019 season is $95.00.  We offer a family membership for $170.00 for up to 6 family members.   This is to be paid once per year and allows the member to register and partake in our different member programs and allows each member voting privileges at the club annual general meeting.    We prorate membership fees for new members only.    

To register - I need an annual membership

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